Who Will Claim Lord Stanley?

Now before we get started, it’s best I mention that I only got two out of the four teams correct when it came to the Conference Finals. Maybe you did too if you were like me who thought the Blackhawks had the potential to win another cup or you underestimated the power of the Senators. Or maybe you guessed all of them correctly, in that case, you’re probably psychic and already know who’s going to win.

A question I keep seeing pop up is a famous one; will the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Cup again? Now, I like the Penguins but I’m not sure this would be the best Stanley Cup final. Would it be amazing to see them win another cup? Sure. Would it be even better to see an underdog win it? Absolutely.

I’m not a Predators fan or even an Ottawa Senators fan, in fact, the team I support didn’t even make it into the playoffs. However, can you imagine that Stanley Cup Final? The underdogs that no one saw coming? Especially when so many people said that this was the Capitals’ year.

So my unbiased and totally unneeded prediction for who’s going to win the Stanley Cup is none other than the Nashville Predators.

But I wouldn’t take my word on it since the teams that I did predict would go to the final didn’t even make it past the first round.


Nashville Predators vs Anaheim Ducks: Nashville Predators

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators: Pittsburgh Penguins



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